Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sometimes when your life is getting harder than before
and you only praying and hoping that everything will be okay
and you'll always believe that some day you'll found the other ways for making your life better but for now, your just sitting around with all your pain
and maybe you're not strong enough to stand
and you may think that if you can trying to turn back time and fixed everything
you always try your best to prove to everyone that you can do anything like they want
you always do what they say and you always obey what they command
but maybe that is not your want to be and maybe your heart can be broken into a pieces
and you'll always promise to yourself to learn from all your mistakes and
always trying to merge your heart again but maybe it is not what you want
sometimes you be better act like somebody else to prove it but everyone may be underestimate to you
when your life is getting harder than before, just believe that it is your destiny that you must passing at all
always try to smile to everyone and always believe that you can be ANYTHING not NOTHING
you can make it BETTER not WORST for your life
and when your tears streaming down your face you can shed by yourself and all that is LIFE, LIFE to learn how to be and learn what can be

May God bless us all



k a r i i n a l w a y s.b l o g s p o